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Enhance Windows with Nine Free Tools

Windows is feature packed Operating system. However there are free substitute which are efficient and highly powerful and take minutes to fix. Those same features can be replaced by these free applications.


The search utility in Windows 8 is integrated and fast with new start screen. However the start screen search is not ideal. It cannot find files which are not executable. Do you want to search through every file on your system? Then you would have to use File Explorer search. Or, you can use Everything.

You can use 'Everything' program. Just type and it would find what you have been looking for thereby narrowing down results letter by letter. This is a search utility which allows you to explore every single file on your system instantly. Pin it to the toolbar in order to access quickly.

Transferring of files

Though transferring of files is an easy task but irritating too. However it has become netter in the latest version s of Windows. However it does take time and any mistake can spoil your day. Make use of Teracopy that makes large batches of shuffling files simple in a jiffy.

It is a free functionality which speeds up file transferring and protects from any failed transfers. In case there is any error it would skip that file and not send it. If you want you can pasue and tehn retsrat the transfer. It combines directly with Windows Explorer.


You can take a screenshot by pressing Win-PrtScn in Windows 8, but you should take a bunch as well as get a dedicated screenshot app. Greenshot is a utility which gives you coarse as well as customized controls for quick screenshot taking.

Htkeys can be binded to all sorts of screenshot commands and specify what would happen with those screenshots. You can open a 'Save As dialogue', open the screenshots in a trivial image editor or even save them to the hard drive.

Process manager

Windows process manager pops up when you hit Ctrl-Esc-Shift or even open the "Processes" tab in the Windows task manager. It shows as to which processes and programs are running and the resources they use.

You can use Process Explorer offered by Microsoft which is a task manager for power users. It digs even deeper into the dynamic processes.

They are grouped into a suitable tree structure thereby allowing you to see everything in a single place. They are also color coded thereby helping you to differentiate easily. You can connect to the Internet helping you to detect the mysterious ones or those that slow down the computer.


Notepad is a plain-text editor. It is highly simple and that is its merit too. If you want more you can use Notepad++'s numbered lines. This is also a plain-text editor which retains the simplicity as well as uses several other features. It has a customized user interface which helps you to edit several files at once and includes spell-check.


If you want something more than an exotic standard, compressed .zip file then you can use RAR. It is the most common archive format. You need a good program like 7Zip. This is a free functionality which can open.zip, .rar, and any other archive file format. You can create .zip and .7z files that offers the best compression of archive type. Compress several files and save space with this.

Media Player

Media playback can be a dilemma. You are never sure as to when you need to play a file. You can predict though as to when the job is not done. VLC can play any media file which is a compact media-player application. DVDs can be played easily, this function was removed from Windows Media Player in the edition of Windows 8.


MS Paint is been there for long. In case you require any image-editing power just download a replacement called Paint.NET. This is powerful and simple which is a rare combination in free software. It has features of modern image editor, like filters, layers and a history pane wrapped in a good user interface.

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